Tanja Simmons, CEO & President

About Us

We welcome you to learn all about NNOV, Inc. to understand our mission. When our founder, a veteran, researched homeless veterans, she was dismayed to realize the seriousness of this issue and how little support these men and women receive. She decided to take action, and NNOV, Inc. has been her labor of love ever since.

We seek the support of and donations from local communities to achieve our organizational goals. With your help, veterans can live a normal and comfortable life. We want to help fulfill their dreams as they search for a place of their own to call home.

Tanja Simmons

Tanja Simmons, CEO & President, Board Member
Tanja Simmons is the CEO and President of the National Network Organization for Veterans, Inc., and owner of a cleaning service. She is a 22-year retired veteran and a national leader in transforming the lives of veterans across the United States. 

Veterans fought for this country, and 82% of them have come back to very little. Every day, Tanja helps with encouragement and high commitment. She delivers a better experience for all veterans and their families. Tanja gave her best in service to the USA, and now she is dedicated to delivering the same aptitude to help her fellow veterans.

Esther L. McGear

Esther L. McGear, Vice President, Board Member
Esther L. McGear is the Vice President of the NNOV and assists multiple businesses daily by using her 40 years of experience in consulting, human resources, and training. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations to support the growth and focus on strategic planning and goal-setting. Esther directs the organization's activities in support of its goals, measuring progress, and adjusting processes accordingly.

Esther L. McGear demonstrates her great judgment and wise knowledge every day. Because of her noble and valuable efforts, she has become a pillar in her community for services and superb commitment to helping others.

Bobby J. McKenzie

Bobby J. McKenzie, Account Manager, Board Member
Bobby McKenzie joined NNOV in January of 2018. As Senior Pastor of the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Albion, MI for 8 years, he has brought vision, integrity, energy, and excitement to this great ministry resulting in tremendous spiritual and membership growth.  He has also led the Macedonia Ministry into the Albion community delivering food baskets and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is a devoted husband and father of two beautiful children.

Bobby McKenzie's goal is to serve veterans with honor, respect, and compassion. As Account Manager, he will diligently work to support their needs as they transition back from duty.

Robert Jones

Robert Jones, Financial Officer
Robert Jones for NNOV Inc. will be the financial officer in handling all donations and fundraisers that come in for NNOV. He has a Bachelor’s Degree and Associate’s Degree in Business with a focus on Finance from the University of Michigan along with an Associate’s Degree in General Studies from Lansing Community College.

Charmaine Bogan

Charmaine Bogan, Board Secretary
Charmaine Bogan has experience in organizing and participating in charitable and volunteer activities. She is very skilled in organizing and participating in various activities, such as making appropriate personnel decisions. Charmaine has served as board secretary for various organizations. She has experience as a physical therapist and provided administrative assistance in the private sector. Charmaine is looking forward to serving veterans statewide.

Tyrice Simmons

Tyrice Simmons, Chef & Dietitian
Tyrice Simmons graduated from Kendall College as a chef. Tyrice has created two barbecue sauces. His company name is Jerk King, and he is waiting to get labeled. Also, I specialize in Jamaican, French Cuisine, Mediterranean food, and Garde Mager foods. My goal is to have my small own-operated convenience store serving hot food (Bodega). My other goal is to help veterans to eat healthy by teaching them to program in helping to rewire their brains and easily help to identify stress and emotional eating patterns, reduce cravings and build sustainable habits that feel natural.

Jacqueline Humphrey

Jacqueline Humphrey, Director of Human Relations
Jacqueline previously worked as an Interviewer at General Motors, Administrative Assistant and Meeting Planner – MSU School of Social Work, Administrative Assistant – State of Michigan. An extensive background in community service in the Lansing area, co-founder and President of Woven Vessels International Ministry. Jacqueline looks forward to working with the team in this grand endeavor.